November, 2016 Featured Product:

DrillRite™ Overhead Concrete Drill Press Model 350



• Reduces musculoskeletal strain associated with operating rotary hammer drills overhead
• Reduces risk of job-site falls by eliminating the need for ladders for overhead drilling
• Integrated dust extraction system captures dangerous airborne silica dust (vacuum sold separately)
• Reaches 12’ ceilings
• Compatible with scissor lifts for higher ceilings
• Holds a wide variety of rotary hammer drills
• Operates both AC and cordless drills
• Chain lift mechanism for simplicity, durability, long life and low maintenance
• Safety winch/clutch design simplifies & speeds operation
• Manufactured in USA by Telpro Inc. with a 40+ year history in the construction equipment industry
• One year limited warranty with U.S. parts, service and customer support
• Ships compactly; easily portable


Over 40 years ago Roland Young and his family started to build the World’s Best Drywall LiftsTM.

Roland With Early Prototype Drywall Lift

In that time, the PANELLIFT® brand line of drywall lifts has become the gold standard of the industry and the world wide benchmark by which all others are measured. This same excellence in design and construction pervades our personnel access equipment, specialty lifting and handing products, industrial/commercial carts, specialty construction tools & equipment, and our custom design solutions to our customers’ unique lifting, handling and access needs.

Telpro Inc.  has provided high value stock and custom designed lifting, handling, personnel access solutions and specialty tools and equipment to all manner of industries and specialty trades including construction, HVAC, drywall, electrical, equipment rental,  nuclear power plants, aerospace, defense, wind energy manufacturers,  mass transit authorities, US Navy, US Air Force, automotive manufacturers, the hospitality industry, convention/exhibit halls and entertainment venues just to name a few.

Telpro Inc.  also provides overflow capacity and customized manufacturing services for a variety of other manufactures whose demand is exceeding their capacity. We can provide fabrication, welding, assembly, painting, packaging, warehousing and shipping services. If you’re a manufacturer missing out on sales for lack of capacity, let us know how we can be of service.

Our offices and main manufacturing facility are located in the US in Grand Forks, North Dakota in our 100,000 square foot facility.

If you have a material lifting or handling need, specialty personnel access or specialty  equipment needs check over the products listed here.  If you don’t see something that meets your need, contact us. We’d like to see if we can develop a solution for you.  If your manufacturing needs are more customized, let us know how we can help.

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